4 Home Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Dogs Left Home Alone

Dogs are often very independent creatures. When your dog is trained properly, you have the ability to give them free reign of a house when you're working or out for the night. As your dog is left home alone, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible and have the ability to feel relaxed until you return home once again. One way to help with this is by hiring an electrician for a variety of upgrades in the home. There are four specific upgrades that can help your dog feel more comfortable when it is left home alone. Each upgrade focuses on the comfort and convenience of the animal while still providing safety.

Heated Floor Panels

During colder months, a home can become quite chilly for a dog, especially when they are roaming around barefoot on the floors. Instead of blasting the heat all day, you can provide warmth and comfort for walking and napping with the installation of heated floor panels. Electric radiant floor panels can be installed underneath all types of flooring including both wood and carpet. The heat rises up through the floor, making it more comfortable for your dog to walk or lay on during cold days and nights. As you leave to head out, the radiant heat can be set on timer to ensure that plenty of warmth is supplied for your pet until you return back home.

Automated Window Shades

Along with the cold months, there are upgrades you can have installed during the warmer months. As the sun shines into your home, it can increase the heat and make conditions uncomfortable for your dog. Instead of allowing the sun to heat up rooms, an electrician can help you install automated window shade systems. These systems operate on electric motors and can quickly close or open through the day. Newer versions of these shades can connect to a Wi-Fi system and provide you with home automation tools that can help with the comfort of your pet. Through an app, you can automatically shut the shades and check the status of them. This is a great way to add flexibility to the natural light supplied to your dog. It can also help you save on the overall energy costs of your home and reduce the need for extended air conditioner use.

Light Motion Sensors

Instead of leaving your dog in the dark, you can provide your animal with necessary light while not wasting money on your electric bill. Instead of keeping lights on all day long, you can have light motion sensors installed throughout the home. These sensors will turn the lights on when motion is detected within the room. This means that if your dog goes from your bedroom to the living room, the light sensor in the living room will automatically turn on to provide your pet with some illumination. After no movement is detected for a few minutes or more, the lights will automatically shut off until the sensor is activated again. This is a great way to save energy if your dog is resting or napping and doesn't need the lights on. The installation of light motion sensors really helps if you're often gone from the home at night or work late shifts.

High Outlet Installations

If you need to plug in items while the dog is left home alone, then an electrician can increase the safety of your home with higher outlet installations. A higher outlet prevents danging cords and plugs from being within a dog's reach. The elimination of these plugs can prevent any chewing or tripping that may occur. With the higher outlets, you can provide more comfort for your dog by installing a relaxing sound machine or cooling device like a fan. The items can be kept out of the dog's reach and provide them with the extra comfort that they seek.

Not only will a number of these upgrades help with your dog, but they can become a part of your everyday life. Contact an electrician from a company like McDonald Electric for estimates on the various installations that you are interested in.