4 Electrical Upgrades That Are Ideal For Food Trucks

Running a food truck is a great way to reach customers directly and serve up fresh food. Cooking inside a food truck is really compact, so it's important to have all of your needs placed in a single location. As you are planning out a food truck design, it's important to consider the types of electricity that you will need for the truck. By working with an electrician, you can add four different types of upgrades to a food truck. Each of these upgrades can enhance the way your truck operates and provide you with the necessities to keep your business running smoothly.

APU Units

When your food truck is parked on the side of the road, you do not want to rely on the main engine for all of your power needs. Keep lighting and machines running by having an APU unit installed inside of the food truck. An APU unit provides an alternative source of power that is separate from the main engine. An electrician can help you choose and install an electric APU unit. Electric units operate using battery packs that can provide power through the whole truck. An electrician can install a unit that has enough power for everything you need within the truck. All of the electrical components can be wired into these units so that they operate correctly.

Exterior Outlets

Attracting customers to your food truck is important for maintaining business and increasing sales. Help attract extra customers by having exterior outlets installed on your food truck. Once these outlets are installed, they can be used for a variety of uses. One way is with a digital menu scren that operates using a flat screen television. Not only can a television display the menu, but short animations and images can showcase what food you have to offer. Instead of changing physical menu signs, a digital menu allows you to quickly update prices and specials available in the food truck.

The exterior outlets can also be used for extra lighting options. For example, when you are parked, you can plug in neon lights that showcase available beverages or a simple open sign.

USB Outlets

On the inside of the food truck, an electrician can install a variety of USB outlets for use at the serving window. These outlets can serve many uses and are compatible with all types of modern technology. For example, if you use card swiping add-ons for phones or tablets, you can keep the devices powered using USB cords. The USB ports can provide the extra boost of power that is needed for these devices to run through a whole day of operating the food truck.

The USB ports can also be used for smaller USB devices like fans. Small USB speakers can also be plugged into the outlets to provide musical entertainment or as a loud speaker for calling out recent order numbers.

Lighting Upgrades

Working inside of a food truck can offer limited lighting options. If you operate your truck at night or seek more lighting, then an electrician can help upgrade the vehicle. Small recessed lighting rigs can often be used for the top of a truck. The recessed lighting will still give you the proper head space to move and operate inside of the food truck. Adding extra lights allows you and other workers to easily see orders, find ingredients, and accurately prepare meals. The lighting rigs can be wired to an APU unit so the food truck has plenty of lighting power.

Extra lighting can also be installed on the serving window. This allows customers to easily see the food truck and the food that is placed on the serving area. This can help prevent accidents and increase your visual presence while parked. The light installations are not only good for nights, but they can help during overcast days.

Contact an electrician for estimates on the various upgrades. Often, these upgrades can be deducted from your business expenses as you plan out your annual taxes. You can also visit sites like http://www.advantageelectricians.com to learn more about electrical services in your area.