Home Aquariums: Light Up & Improve Areas With Electrical Services

Properly installing a home aquarium is typically a large project that involves a number of steps to ensure that fish can thrive and survive in the environment. When planning out an area for an aquarium, it's important to be aware of the different electrical needs that the area will have. Before any tanks or fish are placed in your home, it's a good idea to contact an electrician to implement a variety of upgrades. The following four upgrades will help with the initial set up of the aquarium along with the daily management of your aquarium fish. Getting these upgrades done early in the planning process can help remove any hassles in the future.

Electrical Sub-panels

Lighting, water pumps, and tank cleaners are just a few of the things needed to run a proper aquarium. Instead of loading all of this power onto your home's main circuit breaker, you can hire an electrician to install a sub-panel to your home. A sub-panel can be used to host separate fuses for all of your aquarium needs. It can help manage the power in your home better and prevent any overloading or circuit issues. The addition of a sub-panel also allows you to add additional upgrades to your aquarium without worrying about running too many amps through your products. This includes water filters, UV filters, and special novelty lights to really make the aquarium come alive.


Aquariums will often have their own lighting that can help fish and other sea creatures thrive. Adding extra lights around the aquarium area can help improve visuals and allow you to easily see while completing tasks like feeding the fish or cleaning the tank. As you hire an electrician to install new light wiring, you have multiple options for the lights. Recessed lighting can be installed directly over the aquarium area and create create visuals around the whole tank. Track lighting allows you to adjust specific lights so that you can point them in areas and easily see around the tank. Track lighting also allows you to create dramatic looks to your lit-up aquarium area.

Electrical Timers

Maintaining an aquarium on a daily basis requires a lot of scheduling and monitoring of the fish. Lighting schedules are important for giving fish visuals and duplicating the same visuals seen in natural waters like the ocean. Instead of manually turning on and off the lights each day, you can make the whole process hassle-free with the installation of electrical timers.

An electrician can install an electrical timer panel next to outlets that are used for lighting and other tank accessories. By setting the digital timers, the outlets can be activated for a set amount of time each day. Not only will your fish be properly cared for, but you can save money on your electric bill by using the precision timing. Timers can be set for daily use and adjusted as needed. For example, in the winter, a tank heater timer can be expanded to combat naturally colder air in your home.

Wired Camera Monitoring

A lot of money goes into the installation of an aquarium. Along with the actual equipment, your fish and sea creatures can be huge investments. Help protect your tank area by adding wired camera monitoring nearby. Using wired cameras can provide you with a direct connection and power source for the surveillance camera that you choose to use. An electrician can wire power cables, LAN lines, and other connection cables through walls and to the position where you're going to connect the camera. This wiring will give you a clutter-free look and access to easy power options. Once the wires are installed, you can mount a camera and have visual surveillance of your aquarium on a daily basis.

Contact a commercial electrician, like those at Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc, with your basic aquarium set-up plans and the equipment you plan on using. This will help them prepare for the upgrades and give you everything you need to set up a beautiful aquarium.