Checking Outlets Before Purchasing Your Home

One of the first things you should look at when you are purchasing a house is the electrical system in place. In many older houses, the outlets are placed sparingly throughout the house and usually only have a two-prong entrance. While many cords are still only two-plugs, it is much safer for your house and electronics to switch to the three-prong outlet.

Problems with Two-Prong

To understand why two-prong outlets are not safe, you must first understand what the third prong is for. The two prongs are one neutral prong and one hot prong. On the other hand, the third prong offers a grounding wire. This means your electronics are safer when, not if, electricity surges mildly through the system. This surge could go into your device without a grounding wire and cause short circuiting, or it could cause a fire to spark.

Promoting Outlets

When you find a house that you love but the outlets are mostly two-prong, do not get too upset. They were not standard in homes in the United States until nearly 1970, so it is not uncommon to find homes without. There is a small adaption you can make that will work for a short period of time, but it should not be a long-term solution. There are adapters for the outlet that will convert them to a three prong.

Instead, you should contact an electrician to help you walk through a full upgrade of your system. This will ensure that you have the grounding wire installed correctly and that your house is up to code. It is not the cheapest possibility, but it is the safest for your house. However, if you are looking for an alternative that you can do yourself, you can simply upgrade your outlets and circuit breaker. An interrupter is designed to switch off the outlet if a surge is noticed.

While it is tempting to look at the cheapest option for your house, it should be remembered that you do get what you pay for. Talk to an electrician at a company like Central Heating and Cooling before you purchase a house to have them walk through and check out the system for you. This will give you the best idea of what will be necessary for you to have the safest home for your belongings and the electronics you spend a lot of money on. There are several options available, and only a professional will know the best way to save and protect your assets.