Electric Bill Too High? How To Determine What Is Causing This So You Can Reduce Your Bill

If you hate to open your electric bill each month, you may be able to lower the number that you see. Even if the number you see does not go down drastically this will allow you to save money over time. To help you get started, below are some tips on how you can determine what is causing this problem.

Check How Much Electricity is Being Used

The problem could be with an electric device in your home that is using too much electricity.  This will result in a higher electric bill especially if you use this device every day, such as your water heater. This will take time as you have to check each appliance one at a time but it will show you what is using a lot of electricity.

Once you determine what is using a lot of electricity you may be able to decrease it. For example, HVAC systems generally use a lot of electricity. To help with this you can install a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to turn the temperature down during the day so the unit will not come on while you are not home. You can program it to automatically go back to the correct temperature at a certain time so you can walk into a comfortable home.

If the problem is with the clothes washer, use cold water to wash your clothes. This helps because electricity will not be used to heat the water. You could also lower the temperature on your water heater a few degrees.

Check Your Electric Meter

The problem could be with your electric meter. This is located somewhere outside. When you look at it you will see a dial that is constantly moving. To check this, turn off all electricity to your home by pulling the main breaker. You will find the breaker box somewhere in your home usually in a closet or hallway. When you open it you will see several breakers with one being larger than the others. The large breaker is the main power breaker.

Go outside and look at the electric meter. The disc should be completely stopped. If it is still turning, then you have a problem with your electric meter. This is something you should never attempt to repair on your own.

Call an electrical contractor, like Double D Electric , to come to your home and check the electric meter. They can also check other things in your home to determine what is using a lot of electricity.