Signs It's Time To Rewire Your Home

Your home's electrical wiring is just like the veins within the human body: when everything's working properly, you won't even notice, but when problems arise, they quickly become disruptive to your entire life. Old and damaged electrical wiring can present a number of problems within your home, and can pose a serious safety risk by increasing the chances of a fire. If you notice any of the following signs or occurrences, you may want to consider contacting an electrical contractor, such as ALPHA OMEGA ELECTRIC, to talk about rewiring your home.

Flickering Light Fixtures

One of the most common signs of damaged or old wiring is if your lights are constantly flickering. This points to aged wires that have begun to fall apart, providing an uneven and inconsistent flow of electricity to the fixture that they are attached to. This can sometimes take the form of lights dimming when another appliance, like the fridge or air conditioner, kicks into gear as well, as your home's electrical infrastructure is unable to handle the load that you are demanding of it.

Frequent Burning Out

Another common sign that your electrical wiring has some sort of issue that needs to be fixed is if you find yourself constantly replacing burned out bulbs in a specific light fixture. This is usually caused by damaged wiring that provides too much power to the fixture, causing the light bulb to quickly burn itself out. Rewiring your home can alleviate this problem, and save you money in the long run as you won't have to constantly replace your light bulbs every few weeks.

Discolored Outlets

A fairly serious warning sign that you should get in touch with an electrical contractor as soon as you can is if you notice discoloration around your outlets (or any other parts of your electrical system, like light switches or cords). This discoloration is caused by small electrical fires and sparks caused by damaged wiring, and indicates that your home is at a high risk of an actual electrical fire. You should avoid using appliances attached to discolored electrical outlets as much as possible.

Sparking Plugs

In a similar vein to the above point, if you notice that your plugs are sparking every time you plug them in, you need to get your wires replaced as soon as you can, as they are damaged or improperly installed. These sparks can cause nearby materials or furniture to catch fire, and such sparking can occur at any time depending on the condition of your wiring.