Parent Getting Older? Check Their Lighting And Electrical Wiring To Ensure They Are Safe

Because your parent is getting older their lighting needs have changed. If the lighting is not good enough they could easily fall and could become injured, such as break a hip. If their home is older, the wiring should also be checked by an electrician.  Old wiring in a home is a fire hazard. Keep reading so you will not have to worry as much about your parent living in their home.

Check Light Brightness

Turn on all the lights in your parent's home and walk through every hallway and room. If the lights are not bright enough for you to see well, imagine how they look to your parent. If you can see well, ask your parent to walk around the home and tell you if they have enough light. As elders the lights need to be brighter for them.

If they are not bright enough change the light bulbs to achieve the right brightness levels. When you visit a home improvement store many times they will have lights already plugged in so you can see the brightness of them. When looking at the lights look at the lumens. This will be marked on the packaging. The bigger the lumen number the brighter the light is.

Check Wiring

Hire an electrician to check the wiring in your elderly parent's home. They will start out checking the circuit breaker box. They will look for old wiring or wiring that is deteriorating. This will tell them how old the circuits and wiring is. If the box has not been updated in some time, the electrician will suggest installing all new circuits and wiring. This is an expense but will keep your parent safe.

The electrician will also check each outlet using a special tool. This tool will show them how much wattage the outlet can hold. This is important as brighter lights may require a higher voltage than their current outlets have. If so, the electrician can replace the outlets with new ones.  Show the electrician the light bulbs you purchased and they can tell you if they are safe to use.

If there is wiring in the attic the electrician will check here also. It is possible that an animal, such as a mouse, rat, or even racoon, got into your attic and chewed on the wiring.

The electrician can give you many more tips of things they can check in your parent's home.