Questions To Ask When Your Electrical Fixtures Are Shocking You

Getting shocked by your appliances is always a sign that something is wrong; pinpointing the exact problem takes a little more work. Here are some questions you can ask to come to a resolution:

How Bad Is the Shock?

First of all, determine how severe and how frequent the shock is. You should never continue using an appliance or light switch that is shocking you, but that might be hard to completely avoid until you get an electrician to your home. Schedule a residential electrician visit with urgency and avoid that area of the home as much as possible. If it's an appliance that is bothering you, unplug it right away. If it's a light, try to use other lights or bring a flashlight.

What Other Problems Do You Notice?

Shocks can be accompanied by things like buzzing sounds at an outlet or fixture. You could also see the light fixture flickering. With appliances, they might cause a fuse to blow after a few seconds or minutes of operation. Write all of these problems down so that your electrician has more to go off of when they are trying to find the problem. And all of these issues may not be continuous, so write down how often the problem occurs.

Is the Problem With One Fixture or Many?

You may not want to go around testing fixtures and light switches when you have started being shocked. But if you can recall whether your fixtures have been acting up in just one area or in many areas, that will be helpful to write down. The problem could be with a single appliance that needs appliance repair or replacement. If you only notice the problem with that appliance or with the fixtures in its vicinity, that is a fair expectation. Sometimes, you've got a wiring issue that affects just a small circuit. But when the problem occurs with many fixtures, it could be a wiring issue that affects the whole house.

When Was My Last Electrical Inspection?

If you haven't had an electrical inspection for a while, the problem might come down to damaged wiring. Electrical wires may not last for decades, especially if they are exposed to the elements or if you have a pest problem. Overextending a circuit breaker may cause premature degradation of your electrical system as well. A residential electrician is going to help you find the problem and prevent it from happening again.